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Top 5 Challenges of Running a Childcare Program & How to Overcome Them

Whether you have been working in the childcare industry for years or just switching your career, running a childcare is never easy.

It requires a proper infrastructure and training to make your daycare business rolling. The early education and daycare segment today dominates the USA child care market. This industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.9% between 2020 to 2027.

So, starting a daycare business and making significant profits is a big challenge. However, with the right tools and precision, you can easily overcome obstacles and build a progressive daycare center to uplift early education.

Let’s walk through this post to know how to overcome top daycare running challenges.

Challenge #1. Too Much Paperwork

Have you started daycare so you can spend more time with children and build their early characters? Then, sorry to tell you that running a childcare center is more about paperwork than children. There is loads of paperwork that daycare owners have to take care of daily:

  • Recording daily child activities
  • Managing staff database
  • Licenses
  • Paying bills
  • Filling activity forms
  • Creating menus and so much more

Between all the paperwork, you will hardly get any time to spend with children and interact with your teachers or parents. In addition, paperwork can increase your expenditure and limit your bond with your daycare children.

Solution — Automation

The best solution is to take the paperwork out of your way. You can save time on paper filing and printing using the daycare management app.

With the myKidzDay app, you can not only make your daycare paperless but also:

  • Manage your children’s record
  • Communicate with parents and teachers
  • Get time to spend with your little friends
  • Develop new strategies to grow your business, etc.

Challenge #2. Real-time Incident Reporting

One of the major daycare running challenges is informing parents about daily incidents their children have encountered. Some incidents are serious, and parents want to know about them instantly, like sprained wrist, falls off the slide, etc.

Even minor incidents must be recorded, such as diaper changes, abnormal behavior, or aggressive play with other children. The daycare staff and owners are responsible for reporting incidents immediately to avoid legal troubles.

Solution — Digital Incident Reporting

When all the daycare documents and children's profiles are uploaded to the software, it can easily report incidents in real-time. Using myKidzDay app, teachers can update parents about incidents quickly. It also maintains an incident history log with parent signatures to manage reporting in case of legal troubles.

Challenge #3. Seamless Communication

It is the biggest challenge for daycare owners to establish personal relationships with parents. Without proper communication, retaining your parents and earning their trust is impossible.

Improper communication can even cause you legal troubles. In addition, parents need peace of mind to know what their children have done in daycare today, what they have eaten, etc.

Solution — Communication Dashboard

With a dedicated dashboard, daycare staff can share real-time updates with parents about their child’s activities. myKidzDay app even allows teachers to share photos with parents. This helps brighten parents' days and strengthen their bond with you.

Challenge #4. Safe & Healthy Environment

The safety and health of children are already your first priority. But with the pandemic, keeping your daycare children safe and healthy has become challenging. In addition, one small healthcare complaint can permanently shut down your doors.

Solution — Touchless Sign In/Out & Vaccination Records

To support daycare owners, myKidzDay team has included several health and safety features in the app, like:

Parents can sign in or out their kids from daycare without physical contact using a touchless QR code.

  • In addition, staff can maintain every child’s vaccination and allergy records.

Challenge #5. Become a Leading Brand

There are around 3,896,000 childcare facilities in the US. In this tight competition, you cannot survive without building a unique brand identity. You need to give something extra to your daycare parents to rule the marketing.

Solution — Personalization

Personalization is the best tool to set your daycare center apart from the league. Technology can enable you to plan lessons and meals for individual children based on their preferences, allergies, etc.

You can send emergency notifications and text messages to parents. With myKidzDay daycare software, you can gain a marketing edge to improve your enrollment and grow your business faster.

Let’s Launch a Successful Daycare Business Today!

There you go, daycare owners! You now know how to overcome major daycare business challenges. All you need is the right technology, and you can easily run your childcare center.

You can download the myKidzDay app free today on your mobile or contact our team to better understand how our software can help you!

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