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myKidzDay is the #1 Rated app for parent communication, attendance tracking & center management app for childcare centers, daycares, early learning centers, special needs schools, preschools and school age. Innovative, eco-friendly, easy to use app allows child care and day care providers to send daily updates, infant daily sheets, pictures, videos, reminders, post newsletters, incident reports, lesson plans, schedules, emergency notifications etc. to parents. This helps them build enrollment, enhance parent communication, and cut printing/paper costs thus boosting profits.

App has state approved attendance tracking to allow sign in/out of parents and staff. Reports are automatically generated and can be submitted for reimbursements.

With over 60,000 users, myKidzDay is helping customer build enrollment, enhance profitability and providing peace of mind to parents worldwide.


YES. As parents of young kids, security of information was a fundamental design factor. Therefore we have taken the following design and implementation step to make sure all parents will be comfortable using myKidzDay

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is not required for parents to use the app.
  • Using industry leader Amazon Web Services for data hosting.
  • myKidzDay is a role based access so that users are only able to access the information they have permission to. For example, parents can only view information about their own children.

  • For Peace Of Mind.
  • It is very important for parents to know their child’s daily routine and activities so that they can plan the rest of the evening and the next morning accordingly.
  • Helps them answer pediatrician queries about child’s eating habits, BM schedule etc.
  • Don’t have to stand in the line at the end of the day just to find out “what was the last time their child ate”
  • Always have records handy on the phone. Don’t have to shuffle through the purse to look for the post-it note.
  • It is eco-friendly. You don’t have to feel guilty about throwing away the hand written daily report from the center.

  • Gives you a marketing edge in this technology oriented world of technology savvy parents.
  • Easier than filling out individual activity reports by hand.
  • Simplify end of day check-out process.
  • Quality parent communication & easy to manage center.
  • Save paper / printing costs.
  • It is eco-friendly.

YES. We support multiple smartphone platforms for parents – including iOS (iphones/iPads), Android (phones/tablets), Kindle. In addition, we provide parents with access to myKidzDay reports on the web and through email.

YES. We support multiple smartphone platforms for parents – including iOS (iphones/iPads), Android (phones/tablets), Kindle. In addition, we provide parents with access to myKidzDay reports on the web and through email.

  • 860-593-2955
  • info@mykidzday.com

Pricing is $1.25 per child per month Or $15 per room. To inquire about promotions and to apply for discounts under “family engagement grants” please contact us at:

  • 860-593-2955
  • info@mykidzday.com

Discounts are available for non profits, NAEYC members, ELL members, NACCAR, BAEYC and other state AEYC members.

You don’t need any special software to run myKidzDay. You can use iPads/iPhones, Android phones/tablets, kindle, or a computer to use myKidzDay to communicate with parents, track attendance, track enrollment, health assessment/allergy information, manage family-child data etc.

  • 860-593-2955
  • info@mykidzday.com

If they still decide that they are not interested in offering myKidzDay, please contact us directly and we can provide names of child care facilities in your area that do offer this revolutionary service.

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