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Top 5 Features That Childcare Apps Must Have in 2022

Childcare apps have been helping parents, teachers, and daycare owners significantly in the last few years. The daycare apps have streamlined communication between parents and teachers and enabled them to better focus on a child's early development.

But the year 2022 has brought many new challenges for parents and daycare professionals, like adjusting to the post-pandemic pre-school environment. Therefore, the childcare apps need certain new features to support parents and teachers in the new normal.

myKidzDay’s team of educators and early care technology experts have extensively studied the changing landscape of the early care industry for 2022 and introduced many new features to empower children's early education and care.

Here are the top 5 childcare app features that can strengthen the relationship between parents, teachers, and daycare owners in 2022:

1. CACFP Meals Count Tracking and Reporting

The Child and Adult Care Food Program, aka CACFP, is a perfect meal plan to provide a nutritious diet to children. This meal includes all five food components - milk, vegetables, meat, fruits, and grain. These food components are vital for building a child's strong immune system and healthy eating habits.

Since strong immunity is the only way to fight against superbugs, it is vital for childcare apps to offer CACFP meal tracking and reporting features.

The app should allow daycares to upload lunch menus and track meal counts based on age. Further, automatic reports should be generated to help parents monitor their children's meals and dietary habits. Care providers can submit myKidzDay meals count and attendance reports to CACFP sponsors and state agencies for easy reimbursements. To prepare our kids for a healthy future, CACFP meal tracking is very important.

2. Touchless Attendance Tracking

Touchless attendance tracking is another important feature that childcare apps should offer to their users. The myKidzDay QR code based contactless attendance capabilities allow parents to securely sign in and out their kids to daycare using their mobile phone.

Additionally, teachers can maintain a digital attendance record without any paperwork hassle. Program directors can track children's attendance rates, absence reasons and monitor classroom ratios with one click.

The best thing about touchless attendance is you can minimize physical contact between parents and teachers. This will help to keep your daycare infection-free.

3. Immunization and Allergy Records

Daycare directors should be able to maintain immunization and allergy records for individual children within the application. Knowing the details of individual children’s food allergies allows program directors to design better meal plans. Additionally, immunization data enables you to build a 100% vaccinated and safe environment in your daycare, while ensuring you comply with local and state regs.

myKidzDay app has a custom health check tracking and attestation questionnaire based on CDC guidelines. This can be customized by directors to meet your needs. Parents can quickly and easily fill out this form on their phones before dropping the kids off at the child care center.

4. Bring Peace of Mind to Parents

The main responsibility of childcare apps is to provide peace of mind to parents. It should keep parents connected with teachers constantly, so they can focus on their work without worrying about their child's well-being.

Since an average American parent annually spends $8,355 per child for childcare services, they deserve the following features from the app:

     *   Real-time updates from the daycare teachers

     *   Emergency notifications and reminders

     *   Instant messaging with daycare staff and teachers

     *   Option to create a child's memory journal

     *   Electronic signatures

     *   Paperless newsletters, forms, etc.

5. Multiple Device Support

Nowadays, there are a number of different devices used by people to open apps like iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac, and more. Some people even use multiple devices to access the apps.

Therefore, the childcare app must work on all the leading operating systems so parents and teachers can use it on any device. The multiple device support also enables teachers to use mobile devices and laptop both to create meal plans, send reminders, create a child's profile, and more.


Are You Ready for 2022?

Daycare owners and program directors, you must reevaluate your childcare app in 2022 to ensure that it is competent to meet all the upcoming challenges. If your childcare app isn't compatible enough to handle CACFP meals, touchless attendance, and multiple device support, it's time to change your childcare technology partner before you lose customers.

myKidzDay app is already ready for 2022. Simply contact us today at 860.593.2955 or at info@mykidzday.com to grow your program and provide excellent services to your customers!

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