How to start using myKidzday

For Directors & Owners

We offer a free, no risk trial so you can make sure myKidzDay, child care parent communication app works in your center with your staff. Your free trial works like this:
  • You provide us the kid’s data in an excel/word format. (You can also export this from your child care center management system like precare, ezcare, child care manager or
  • We create the director, teacher and parent accounts for you.
  • We collaborate with you to create custom daily report template that are perfectly suited to your center.
  • You and your staff install the free myKidzDay app on the mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, android phones/tablets) from iTunes or Google Play Store.
  • We train your staff on how to effectively leverage all the myKidzDay functionality.
  • Your staff start using myKidzDay to help you build enrollment, enhance parent communication and “wow” your customers.
Usually, centers start using myKidzDay in less than 5 business days from when they decide to conduct a free trial.

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For Parents

Prepare to the “WOW”ed. By a simple click on your myKidzDay daily report app - available on all versions of iPhones, iPAds, Android phones and tablets - you will be able to access all the latest status update, reminders, pictures/videos, newsletters for your child.
This eco-friendly, innovative app will allow us to send notifications, pictures and files to parents, post newsletters, schedules etc. while eliminating printing/paper costs.
To start using the award winning myKidzday mobile app for child care daily reporting:
Download the free myKidzDay app to all your iPhones, iPads, Android phones and android tablets. Add to your contacts in your email account so that any of our communications do not end up in your junk folder. In the next few days you will receive an account activation email with your user id and initial password Log into the myKidzDay app using these credentials. Enjoy receiving your kid reports, pictures, videos, notifications, reminders, newsletters etc on your mobile devices.

Please note:

myKidzDay provides a single user id and password per family. If you have multiple kids enrolled at this center, then you will see information for all of your kids in the app. Multiple people can login on multiple devices using the same user ID and password at the same time. If you want, you can also share the user credential information with other family members (like grand-parents). We encourage parents to click on "Remember Me", the very first time you log in so that you will never get logged out. During the app’s install on iPhones, the app may ask for your permission to deliver notifications, please click “Yes”. Clicking no will disable your ability to log in to the app. The information will be distributed in a very secure environment (hosted by Amazon web Services) and includes security features so the parents will be able to view your child’s info using a secure login. This application does not require any sensitive information like SSN, DOB, phone # or address etc. Parents can receive text messages, pictures and videos from the care providers without having to sign up for a text plan. Parents have access to their child's portfolio and can access daily reports for as long as they have been using myKidzDay You have the ability to download and save their child's pictures/ videos, art work etc on their phones, tablets or computers.