Childcare App for Daily Sheets, Attendance, Parent Communication and Classroom Management

Your kidz day just a click away...

myKidzDay is the best daycare app available on iPhones, iPads, Android phones/tablets, kindles, on the web or via e-mail for both Parents and Daycare providers.

  • Want to build enrollment and “wow” your prospects?
  • Wish you could save money by eliminating paper/printing costs?
  • Ever wonder how you can monitor attendance, enrollment, staff-parent communication, lesson plans, track curriculum from anywhere/anytime?
  • Would your customers love you more if you deliver daily sheets, pictures, reminders, alerts directly to their phones?
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New Client Pricing - $1.25 per child per month

FREE App For Parents & Staff
    No Setup Fee. Account creations & staff training included.
  • Send unlimited pictures, documents and messages to parents​.​
      Manage families and staff Information
    • One year of storage!

Available on

iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Tablets, Laptops, MacAir, Kindle, Email and Print Daily Report

How Does It Help Me

Directors & Owners

  • Gain marketing edge and build enrollment
  • Sign in/out & attendance
  • Lesson Plan & Curriculum
  • Real time ratios and custom reports
  • Monitor Parent Teacher Communication
  • Staff & Family Management
  • Meals Tracking, CACFP
  • Health Assessment and Allergy Records


  • Digital daily report
  • Share pictures and documents
  • Efficient group updates
  • Custom daily report templates
  • Assessments and observations
  • Voice enabled data entry
  • Lesson Plan & Curriculum
  • Send notifications/reminders
  • Tag activities and notes with TSG domains
  • Children portfolio
  • Hassle free communication


  • FREE app on all platforms
  • Your Child’s updates at your finger tips
  • Receive notifications / reminders
  • Easily review newsletters, schedules etc.
  • Portfolio records for 6 months
  • Access to Center Info
  • Email and paper daily options
  • Eco-friendly memory journal
  • Peace of mind

For Directors & Owners

myKidzday is a childcare app and preschool app. It is a free parent app which allows you to attract millennial parents and help increase your profits. Offering a cool daycare app will resonate with these young parents and allow you to convert prospects into paying customers. Directors can monitor all parent-teacher communications and access each child's portfolio from their mobile device.

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For Parents

Parents love getting their kid’s daily reports and information and reminders from their child care center on their smart phones using the FREE myKidzDay Parent Communication Daily Report app on iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets. The award winning myKidzDay mobile app enables parents to check their kid’s daily reports with a simple click on their phone or tablet. No more paper. Be eco-friendly. Your Kid’s Day Just A Click Away!

For Teachers

myKidzDay can significantly improve communication between Child Care Providers and Parents. myKidzDay allows you to electronically and securely deliver daily reports, notifications, newsletters, pictures, alerts, reminders, schedules, assessments, observations and other valuable information to parents. Teachers can access myKidzDay, on any iOS/Android/Kindle devices to enter children’s daily reports using their center’s custom daily report templates and share joyous moments captured as pictures or videos with parents.