Childcare App for Daily Sheets, Attendance, Parent Communication and Classroom Management

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myKidzDay is the #1 Rated daycare app available on iPhones, iPads, Android phones/tablets, Kindles, on the web or via e-mail for both Parents and Daycare providers.

  • Want to build enrollment and “wow” your prospects?
  • Wish you could save money by eliminating paper/printing costs?
  • Ever wonder how you can manage your childcare center, monitor classroom ratios &, parent-staff communication, create lesson plans & track curriculum adherence from anywhere/anytime?
  • Would your daycare customers love you more if you deliver daily reports, pictures, videos, reminders, emergency notifications directly to their phones?
  • If you answered yes, then start your free trial now. We set up all your accounts and can import data from Procare, ezCare, Childplus or any center management system
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New Client Pricing - $1.25 per child Or $15.00 per room

FREE Childcare App For Parents & Staff
    Account creations & staff training included.
  • Send unlimited pictures, videos, documents and messages to parents​.​
      Manage families and staff Information
    • Unlimited storage!

Available on

iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Tablets, Laptops, MacAir, Kindle, Email and Print Daily Report

How Does It Help Me

Directors & Owners

  • Gain marketing edge and build enrollment
  • Sign in/out & attendance
  • Lesson Plan & Curriculum
  • Real time ratios and custom reports
  • Monitor Parent Communication
  • Staff & Family Management
  • Meals Tracking, CACFP
  • Immunization and Allergy Records
  • Sync with Procare, Childplus or ezCare


  • Digital daily report
  • Share pictures and documents
  • Efficient group updates
  • Custom daily report templates
  • Assessments and observations
  • Voice enabled data entry
  • Lesson Plan & Curriculum
  • Send notifications/reminders
  • Children's portfolio
  • Hassle free communication


  • FREE secure day care app on iOs, Android & Kindle
  • Kid's daily sheets and pictures
  • Receive notifications / reminders
  • Portfolio records for 6 months
  • Access Center Info for newsletters, announcements
  • Email and paper daily report options
  • Add pictures to virtual memory journal
  • Peace of mind

For Directors & Owners

Want to build enrollment and impress your clients? Sign up for myKidzDay - the best preschool childcare app. Manage your classrooms and daycare, track attendance, curriculum and ratios. Monitor all parent communication. Track meals for CACFP. Import children data from Procare, Childplus, ezCare or your center management system seamlessly. #1 Daycare Software. Parent Messaging App
Available on iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and phones and on Kindle.

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For Parents

Your Kid’s Day Just A Click Away! Ask your child's care provider or preschool to provide myKidzDay - the best parent communication app. Receive your child's daily reports, pictures, videos, activity details, notifications and reminders right on our smart phone in real time. No more waiting in line for paper daily reports. Add your kid's pictures to their memory journal or chare them on Facebook or other social media platforms of your choice.
Get the peace of mind you are looking for with this award winning childcare app. Best Daycare Software

For Teachers

Parents don’t read the paper daily reports? Deliver them through myKidzDay and they will.
Save time and effort. Track attendance, create lesson plans aligned with your curriculum, create activity reports, record assessments, observations, milestones and access children's portfolio and send reminders/notifications to parents on myKidzDay - the best childcare app.